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This personal blog is based on my experiences since I was a child. I am slowly digitizing my journals which include spirit photos, psychic drawings, written script and in depth unknown information. I have also included from my journals newspaper, magazine and digital media from Canadian sources.

One thing I have learned through my Journey is that the light is not always divine and darkness not always evil.

Its that time of the year again. Usually around Samhain (known as Halloween to some) and the holidays it picks up. At least for me. Extra activity around the house, connections with spirits of people I know or for others I know come forward for messages. And these messages are not just 1 or 2 words its like a full conversation. I keep a journal on all this. Been doing it since I was a kid. 

The extra activity is from a family member who passed a short time ago, I'm assuming based on the voice and smell. Like my bedroom door banging and then the handle rattling. I don't get scared, so used to this type of events at night. As a kid growing up in a haunted house you get desensitized. I also know that my property and my home is protected. Thats a whole other blog entry in detail.

As for people asking, my hearing 'spirit' gift works like this. They come to me to talk, when they want and speak. My sight is more wide spectrum.