Virtual Paranormal Investigation - Inn at the Falls


Date: Friday February 18th  2022

Time: 7pm to 2am

Location: Inn on the Falls - Ontario

Event by: Phantoms of Yore & Inn at the Falls

Online: Public to anyone on Facebook

"Join us along with the Inn at the Falls team for a virtual investigation. We will have multiple infrared night vision cameras set up in all the hotspots for you to join the investigation from home! We will start off the live event with a historical presentation, documented paranormal accounts and perhaps some interviews.

The Inn at the Falls is a historic Victorian Home built in the 1870's in Bracebridge, Ontario Canada. Multiple family's have resided at the home. Eventually in the 20th century it was made into and Inn and over the decades numerous reports of supernatural events have been experienced and documented. Most notably the infamous room 105. Inn at the Falls is included in many of the top haunted lists in Ontario and for good reason. Activity includes items moving on their own, electronics turning on and off, full apparitions, voices of men, women, children and a crying baby are all reported. The Inn guests regularly report the happenings which have been logged in a notebook on site.

Inn at the Falls will be added to our 2022 Paranormal Investigation Tour, for all our patron investigators this is a great opportunity to get a feel for the site if you make the journey!"